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  • 3-1 sermon

    Made…In Complementary Community (Part 1)

    Any time there is a discussion about men and women and the Bible, there’s a lot of baggage. Paul is often considered kind of a sexist jerk, and there’s often a sense of resignation, tension or even hostility when we start talking about men and women and the Bible. Part of the push back from [...]

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  • 2-8 sermon

    Made…as men and women (Part 2)

    In “Made as Men and Women (Part 1),” I noted that God is Creator, Sustainer, Protector and Provider, and He has given to those who bear his image the privilege and responsibility of embodying those things in the world. So while women and men individually often share interchangeable traits and are sometimes able to function effectively [...]

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  • 2-1 sermon

    MADE…as men and women (Part 1)

     If God made us in his image, how are women and men designed to reflect something about God’s good nature, how do we tend toward ruin, and how can we recover the good of Eden? There are so many different ways to approach this subject biblically and practically, and I have chosen one. I pray that [...]

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  • 1-25 sermon

    Made…to Flourish (‘Made’ #2)

    Last week we talked about what it means to be made in the image of God. The universe is designed by God with purpose, planning and intention. Since we are part of the universe, this applies to us (Genesis 1-2) All human beings are imago dei, bearers of God’s image. (creative, self-aware, rational, philosophical, moral, [...]

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