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  • The Community of the Righteous: Refreshing Rest

    The book of Romans was meant to establish peace between the believing Jews and Gentiles in two ways: By highlighting the mercy of God to both (salvation, justification, sanctification and righteousness), and by showing them their mutual obligations of service. Before Romans 12, Paul wrote about the importance of holy living.  Next, Paul shifted his […]

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  • The Evidence of Righteousness: Service (Romans 12-15)

    How do we know beyond doubt that we have truly entered into this grace-gift of “life in Christ?”  In the face of all kinds of opinions about what constitutes true Christianity, how do we know if we truly are “in Christ”… and how do we evaluate our own walk? If we listen to the patter on […]

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  • The Source of Righteousness—Sovereignty (Romans 9:1-11:36)

    I suspect that all of us, at some point in our life, have asked or heard one of the following questions: Why did God let a person I love die? Why didn’t God save my job (or health)?  Why did God cause the hurricane in the Philippines?  Why didn’t God heal my marriage?  All of […]

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  • Sanctification: A Parable (Romans 6-8)

     CHAPTER ONE: The Ruins* You live in a broken, run-down house. You’ve been here as long as you can remember. You know nothing else. For a while you were able to at least keep it looking nice on the outside, but it’s always been falling apart. The landlord seemed like a great guy at first. […]

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  • Justified (Romans 2-5)

    Have you ever tried to justify yourself? “The sun was in my eyes.” “My alarm didn’t go off!” “I had questions about my homework assignment but it was late and I didn’t want to bug you or my classmates…”  Justification is what happens when we give a reason for something we did. In a deeper […]

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  • Righteousness (Romans 1-2)

    I suspect you’d agree with me that a life of ease is what most of us want. If given a choice, I’d take a life of abundance: good health, adequate finances, trouble-free relationships, and cars that never rust! But despite our wants, the reality is that life has a fair amount of trials and difficulties that […]

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