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  • Proclaiming the Message (Colossians 4:2-4:6)

    “The Blue Angels are the friendly face of the U.S. Navy and Marines and put on aerial stunt shows before live audiences across the country most every week. The scandal has sullied their reputation and that of the military branches they represent, Navy investigators said.” (“Blue Angels dived into porn, homophobia and harassment, study says,” […]

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  • GC:engage – Becoming An Effective Ambassador for Christ

    The Great Commission  When Jesus gave his disciples the Great Commission, he told them to go into all the world and preach the gospel. The Apostle Paul would later make the analogy of ambassadorship: we areall representatives of Christ. In order to represent him well, we need knowledge (an accurately informed mind), wisdom (an artful method) and character (an attractive manner).* […]

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  • Countering Critics

    Christians have not always defended the cause of Christ in a productive manner. Yes, we are all ambassadors; no, it’s not a skill that developss automatically. As a result, we often respond poorly when our faith attacked.  Some Christians retreat into kind of a Christian subculture where they just stop engaging with anybody or anything outside of our […]

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  • Ambassadors for Christ

    A Labor Foreign Secretary (1966-68) named George Brown got this response from another guest at a diplomatic reception: “I shall not dance with you for three reasons. First, because you are drunk, second, because this is not a waltz but the Peruvian national anthem and third, because I am not a beautiful lady in red; […]

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