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Are Mormons Christians? – pt 7/8

Class description:

They believe in God. They believe in Jesus. They read the Bible and attend church every week. We stand shoulder to shoulder with them on most moral issues as well. But are Mormons Christians? And what is a Christian after all? We will look at the history of Christianity and the history of Mormonism. We will also examine doctrines of both to see where we agree and whether we have any disagreement.

(Recorded 2012-10-21)

Issues addressed in this session include:

  • Wrap-up of early LDS history
  • Movement of the church across the country
  • The Book of Abraham
  • The death of Joseph Smith
  • Brigham Young and other church leaders

Class outline available here


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2 Responses

  1. Spencer says:

    My favorite parts:
    “I am proud to belong to a church that does not hold ‘Evangelical Nights’, publish anti-Evangelical books, produce anti-Evangelical films or host anti-Evangelical speakers. Although we disagree with some aspects of Evangelical theology, we accept them as fellow Christians.”

    If only [evangelical] pastors would follow what I call the Jewish/Mormon model for interfaith inquiry. When Jewish and Mormon congregations want to know what other religions believe, they invite leaders from those faith communities to address them and answer questions… A recent Pew survey showed that Mormons know the Bible better than Evangelicals. In addition, we accept Jesus as our Savior, and we believe in God’s grace as a means of salvation. Those topics took up all the the good pastor’s talk, and those present were courteous and respectful. What is relevant here is that a faithful Evangelical was given the oportunity to speak about his faith to Mormons. The reverse almost never happens in the Evangelical community.”

    “Instead, pastors who want to “educate” members of their flock about the LDS Church will often invite anti-Mormon speakers to speak at a “Mormon Night” (or Are Mormons Christian? series night) where living, breathing Mormons are not welcome. Some evangelical leaders even claim expertise in LDS theology after reading an anti-Mormon book of two (or 3 or 7). A case in point is Jay Childs, Senior Pastor of the Midland Evangelical Free Church in Midland, Michigan. On his personal blog, which is linked to the church’s website, Pastor Child claims to have lectured on Mormon thology “in a couple of venues” and to have “talked these things over with Mormon missionaries” before stating his strong disagreement with the “bedrock theological moorings” of LDS Christianity.”

    Give it up Scott. It’s not good for your followers. It’s not good for Evangelicals. It’s not good for the country. And ironically, it’s not a very Christian thing to do. 

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