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Are Mormons Christians? – pt 4/8

Class description:

They believe in God. They believe in Jesus. They read the Bible and attend church every week. We stand shoulder to shoulder with them on most moral issues as well. But are Mormons Christians? And what is a Christian after all? We will look at the history of Christianity and the history of Mormonism. We will also examine doctrines of both to see where we agree and whether we have any disagreement.


(Recorded 2012-09-30)

Issues addressed in this session include:

  • Began to look at ‘History according to Mormonism as compared/contrasted to Christianity’
  • Nature of God
  • Is God past-eternal?
  • Trinity vs. Godhead
  • Some nuance behind the Genesis 1 phrase, “In the beginning”
  • Nature of creation (including origins of matter itself)
  • Nature of man (specifically Adam & Eve)
  • The Garden of Eden as viewed by the LDS church
  • The Fall as taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Class outline available here


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One Response

  1. Scott Smith says:

    For those of you following along:  If you’re interested in what Mormons think about what we’ve been talking about, check out the YouTube channel. I’m getting some very interesting conversation there!

    (One request – if you want to join the conversation, feel free. I just ask that you post more questions than statements, like I’ve mentioned a bit in class lately. We’re interested in engaging people and drawing them in to important discussions – not drawing a line and ostracizing them.)

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